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Smt. Poonam Devi is a resident of the Kushmari village under the Riga Block of Sitamarhi. She is a mother of 14 months old twins, Sapna and Mausmi and is a housewife. Her husband, Yogendra Prasad is a local vendor who sells food stuffs in the Riga market and looks after his family. The family income is merely Rs. 2000/per month.

Poonam is an illiterate, village woman. Initially, she was unaware about the importance of safe delivery, the risk of pregnancy, immunization and delivery in the hospital. She had delivered her son and one daughter at home itself. It was during the pregnancy period of the twins, that she was motivated and counselled by CHARM to attend the group meetings of pregnant women. She attended two to three such meetings, organized by CHARM in their village. They were told about the importance of care and medical supervision during pregnancy, the importance of good nutrition, identification of danger signs during pregnancy, benefits of institutional delivery, etc. Thereafter, she had registered her pregnancy at AWW of her village. She was administered with two TT at the interval of one month and 100 IFA tablets, and was counselled for nutritious food and delivery at the hospital.

On 26th November 2013, she gave birth to her twin daughters at the PHC Riga. Both were given the first dose of BCG and OPV.

Thereafter, Poonam visited the VHSND for routine immunization of her daughters without any gap. At the completion of 9 months of her daughters, she visited AWW, code no. 88, for the vaccination of Measles, but the vaccines were not available. Poonam visited AWW for two consecutive months for the vaccines, but due to the non-supply of measles vaccine, her twin daughters were not vaccinated.

Poonam narrated the story to CHARM. After CHARM’s intervention, Poonam was asked by ASHA to visit AWW, code number 92, of Kushmari for vaccination of her twins. She took her twins there, but she couldn’t vaccinate because of the low supply of vaccine. On 24th November 2014, CHARM again approached ANM, Munni Kumari at AWW, code number 91 and requested her for the vaccination of the twins. Hence, the twins were vaccinated.

Out of several activities done in the intervening area of MNCHN programme, regarding strengthening the MNCHN services, CHARM have strengthened the community towards their rights and entitlements. It has facilitated the deprived people to raise their voices and empowered them to wage struggle for their rights and entitlement. The right based approach for fulfilling of rights and entitlement of the community and advocacy with the government functionaries facilitate the project in achieving its objective. The programme has increased awareness in the community about accountability and mechanism in health.

CHARM has approached the Block level functionaries of health, Dr Nirmal Kumar Singh MOIC PHC, Riga, Mr. Arun Kumar BHM, Riga and has advocated for regular supply of vaccines, especially measles vaccine as its supply is poor in the block.