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Direct Bank Transfer

Centre for Health and Resource Management (CHARM)
Account Number: 1219942506
IFS Code: CBIN0280008
Bank Name: Central Bank of India
Branch Name: Boring Road, Patna
Branch Code: 280008

Project Period: 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2015

Goal: Strengthening the Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) services and practices through interventions in capacity building, governance and accountability in the project area.

Coverage Area: 8 Panchayats of the Riga Block under the Sitamarhi District of Bihar (India).

Target Population: 73654


  • To build the capacity of Frontline health-workers and their supervisors to effectively deliver MNCHN interventions and services.
  • To increase health awareness and promote good governance through strengthened accountability at the block, district, state and national level.
  • To enhance the quantity, quality and availability of empirical data related to the provision of MNCHN services (including technical, financial and managerial data) to inform decision-making.


  1. By the end of the project period, an increase in the percentage of Exclusive Breast Feeding, child immunization and safe deliveries in the target block was observed.
  2. An increased awareness among the communities and community-based organizations about accountability, mechanisms in health and how to realize them was also observed.