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Infant Death review

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Centre for Health and Resource Management (CHARM)
Account Number: 1219942506
IFS Code: CBIN0280008
Bank Name: Central Bank of India
Branch Name: Boring Road, Patna
Branch Code: 280008

Period: 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2014

Goal: To reduce neonatal and infant mortality in the selected blocks of three districts of Bihar (through demonstration and advocacy of an appropriate model for statewide adoption).

Coverage Area: Four Blocks of the Sitamarhi district of Bihar.

Target Population: 100000 mothers.


1. Pregnant women, mothers of children under two years of age and other caretakers in the family have the appropriate knowledge and developed the requisite skills to follow the recommended IYCF practices, through the message and assistance imparted by the peer educators in the selected blocks.
2. Community-based Front Line Workers (ANM, AWW and ASHA), TBAs and facility based health service providers (Nurses and Mamtas) are mentored by the Peer Educators and cluster coordinators in counseling and problem solving skills for IYCF.
3. Appropriate policy improvements and programme implementation changes instituted to focus on IYCF counseling, including message delivery and problem solving, followed by advocacy for the same.

Project Summary:

The project aims to reduce the neonatal and infant mortality through improving healthy breastfeeding and weaning practices among 100000 mothers of children under two years, among the poorest and most marginalized communities in the Sitamarhi district. The project mobilized a strong behavior change communication (BCC) model through 125 peer educators to counsel the mothers and caretakers on infant and child nutrition and helped them to overcome the barriers they face.