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10 February, 2015
detection of SAM
Date: 10 February, 2015

The People’s Health Movement is an international campaign. Its affiliated body in India is known as the Jan Swasthaya Abhiyan (JSA). It is working in most of the states of India. In the State of Bihar, the Secretariat of JSA is with CHARM.

A study was conducted by the Jan Swasthaya Abhiyan (JSA), Bihar with the support of Save The Children, to find out the causes of deaths among neonates and infants, since these age groups are subject to high mortality rates. The findings of the study will help to improve the measurement of cause-specific mortality, in areas where medical certification of death is rare.

In order to better analyze these effects, the study focussed on 10 districts, falling under 5 administrative divisions of Bihar where JSA has its presence through its members. The overall objective of the study is to understand the critical socio-economic, demographic and environmental factors that determine child survival in Bihar. The JSA will also use the findings of the inquiries to advocate with the policy makers for the improvements needed in health care.