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The Centre for Health And Resource Management (CHARM) is a Civil Society Organization. It is working on issues of health, nutrition, water & sanitation and its social determinants. CHARM was a nominated member of the Working Group on National Rural Health Mission in preparing the appraisal document of the 12th Five Year Plan by the Planning Commission of the Government of India. CHARM is also a member of the State Technical Advisory Group, on Community Based Planning and Monitoring, constituted by the State Health Society, Bihar. CHARM is associated with many networks, campaigns and alliances, including Jan Swasthaya Abhiyan, Right to Food Campaign and National Alliance on Maternal Health and Human Rights. The key thematic areas of intervention of CHARM has been health, nutrition, water & sanitation, HIV/AIDS and mitigation during disasters.


  • Capacity building of NGO, the community and other institutions in health.
  • Identify, assess and advocate sustainable and affordable strategies for the benefit of children, adolescents and women in poverty, tribal and minorities in respect to their health.
  • Provide health services to marginalized people,
    through health facilities, health camps, medical relief.
  • Develop training materials for different level of health workers and activities.
  • Promote design and develop need based IEC materials.
  • Undertake basic and applied research, documentation, and field experimentation and arrange a workshop, symposia, seminars and surveys relating to health issues.
  • Influence the government and other major stakeholders in affecting change, in planning, policy and decision making process to make effective policy and program implementation towards improving the health of the people.
  • Create an awareness in the community pertaining to their basic health rights, health-issues and inculcate scientific temperament about health care.
  • Preparing the community for disaster management.